High End Munich 2018

Cabasse reinforces its presence in Germany, and presents the new version of EOLE at High End Munich

10 to 13 May 2018 - Hall 3 - Stand Cabasse @ ATR

Cabasse, the French name for leading High-Fidelity acoustics, and present in more than 60 points of sale in Germany, announces the inauguration of 3 Cabasse Acoustic Centers (at Wuppertal, Rennerod & Lippstadt) and 4 Premium spaces with retailers that make Cabasse a key player on the German market. Cabasse is proud to present at High End Munich 2018 the latest innovations for its EOLE 5.1, Murano Alto and Baltic 4 audio systems, all enhancing music for ultimate Acoustic Emotions. Cabasse will also present the voice control functions now available on all existing Cabasse stream products through Google Home.

EOLE 4, a new version that sharpens sound integration and product design that already make this 5.1 system a success

From a technological perspective, improvements include a new front grill on the satellite speakers for even more transparence and definition with better accuracy in treble and more consistency in extremely high frequencies. The design of the new base allows for 2 approaches for wall mount, adding even more purity to the elegant forms of the satellite speaker whether it be on the wall, or placed on a shelf.

The satellites are fitted with magnetically adjustable bases for ease of positioning either on wall or on bookshelf, allowing multiple options that combine optimal acoustics with esthetic integration. The end result is an impressive & realistic soundstage with minimum physical presence.

The new Lipari 21 subwoofer was designed with the same conditions in mind, guaranteeing realistic and striking sound in a discreet format. Less space consuming, flat and elegantly designed; this brand new 5.1 system, complete with both a 21cm subwoofer and a 200W amplifier, offers maximum fidelity and realistic sound for both music and home cinema.

To better satisfy different criteria in home decor, the Lipari 21 subwoofer can either be placed against a wall or under furniture for an even subtler configuration, and without any sound alteration.

Availability: June 2018 – Starting suggested retail price at 799€
EOLE 4 will be available in either white or black

Murano Alto, the new High End column speaker by Cabasse 1st revealed at an International Exposition

Assembled in Cabasse workshops located in Plouzané, France; Murano Alto is a floorstanding speaker offering high-end sound performance from a compact sized enclosure. The vitality and the generosity of the association of the medium-tweeter coaxial driver from our masterpiece system l’Océan, to the two woofers with honeycomb membranes guarantee an ever growing enjoyment in listening all genres of music.

A powerful BC13 medium-tweeter coaxial driver

The heart of the triaxial TC23 driver, which also drives the high-end L’Océan speaker, the BC13 guarantees faithful reproduction of timbres, without artificial coloration nor listening fatigue, with an unrivaled soundstage. We have fitted the BC13 of Murano Alto with an aluminum wave guide specifically designed for optimal output with the Murano Alto bass drivers.

Honeycomb membranes for powerful & rich bass

The new 17ND36 woofer drivers were especially designed for Murano speakers. In order to quickly obtain deep yet tight and fast bass in a compact speaker, Cabasse engineers miniaturized the same concept from the Sphère’s 55cm woofer. The concave honeycomb membrane offers great rigidity and excellent damping which enables a large excursion without deformation. Guided by a long voice coil in the 45mm deep air gap of a 4-kilogram oversized motor, this driver gives the Murano Alto’s bass the purity and strength of crystal.

Finishes: Glossy Black, Glossy White or Mahogany – Suggested Retail Price 7500 euros the pair.

BALTIC 4, fitted with the only 3-way coaxial driver on earth!

Since its creation in 1993, Baltic has remained one of a kind; one of the first speakers to be fitted with TC21, a 3-way coaxial speaker encased in a sphere producing perfect and consistent sound. Equally performant as some of the biggest sound systems by both definition and dynamic power, Baltic creates a deep, realistic soundstage unique to Cabasse systems.

With a resolute modern design, Baltic has been the object of technological affection and innovation over the years. In 2000, the upgrade to TC22 provided the speaker with a frequency response range at 80Hz to 22,000Hz. Several innovations later, the TC23 launched in 2006 increased bandwidth to 25,000Hz.

After 3 years of Research and Development, Cabasse is now introducing the 4th generation of its 3-way coaxial speaker: the TCA. The heart of its innovation lies within its new low-midrange and midrange diaphragms forming together a smooth, turbulent free elliptical shape. These diaphragms are produced at Cabasse in a new, ultra-light honeycomb structure perfected at the Cabasse Acoustic Center in Plouzané (CAC) and exclusively manufactured for Cabasse in France. These new membranes guarantee directivity and response frequency largely superior to that of its predecessor. This new TCA (Tri-Coaxial Aramid) driver is the most sophisticated transducer ever designed by the brand.

Baltic 4 is entirely assembled and controlled at the Cabasse Acoustic Center in Brittany, France made possible due to a new “Made in France” production line with the possibility of custom, on-demand finishing.

Suggested retail price per unit – in standard version – 5500€ on stand, 4000€ in version on base or wall mount.

Baltic 4 & Murano Alto will be on demonstration in an enclosed auditorium for the duration of the show.