Cabasse präsentiert seine gesamte Linie von Koaxiallautsprechern im High End München

Sphère TCA, the legendary Cabasse speaker now incorporates Tri Coaxial Aramid drivers!

A pure work of art and the most aesthetic representation of Cabasse technology working all together as one, La Sphère has yet again been reborn with another technological breakthrough: the TCA membrane (Tri Coaxial Aramid) which adds perfectly coherent directivity between drivers and optimizes tweeters.

La Sphère is equipped with the best technology Cabasse has to offer for a complete experience in musical emotion: power & precision from a 55cm woofer, faithful reproduction of the audio source through 4-way coaxial drivers, a deep & stable soundstage, perfect linearity in a 60° angle, active 4-way crossover with a 96 kHz processor, calibration in an anechoic chamber and custom home installation.

New Finishes for Egea 3 & Iroise 3

Now available in glossy black and glossy white, the 100 Watt Egea 3 column speaker (770 Watts at peak) is equipped with technology that sublimes sound with its tweeter-medium BC13 coaxial transducer that is capable of reproducing even the tiniest details from any track of music or vocal performance (Jazz, Soul, Opera…).

Egea 3’s two 17cm medium drivers benefit from a Duocell membrane making it possible, thanks to its exponential profiling, to enjoy to the fullest the dynamic qualities of the long throwing motors. The result: stronger sensations in sound that is more accurately recreated and with more liveliness.

With 150 Watts of power (1000 Watts peak), and state-of-the-art drivers, the Cabasse Iroise 3 comes with its own set of unique features, notably its BC13 medium-tweeter transducer at the cutting edge of technology.

Iroise 3 is equipped with two 21cm woofers fitted with Duocell membranes, also making it possible to enjoy to the fullest the dynamic qualities of the long throwing motors. The sensations of direct sound are reproduced with more liveliness, and the bass is particularly tense and rich.

Now available in glossy black and glossy white, Iroise 3 is a refined choice as the speaker does not have any holes for fastening; the screen designed to cover & protect the drivers can be attached magnetically to the speaker’s frame.

Murano, a New Luxurious Finish in Mahogany


The most compact coaxial speaker from Cabasse, the bookshelf speaker Murano offers a luxurious and immaculate finish, which is designed and assembled in the company’s workshops in Brittany, France.

Murano’s BC13 transducer guarantees faithful reproduction of tone – without distortion – with unrivaled, deep & realistic soundstage. Its 17ND36 woofer was specially designed to quickly create deep bass in compact speakers. The concave structure of its honeycomb membrane creates a sturdy support and excellent absorption making it possible for large displacement of sound without distortion.

New Coaxial Speakers: Jersey MC170 & Antigua MC170

Cabasse coaxial drivers offer coherent sound in a 360° range, with sound that is even more nuanced and expressive. Once only reserved for Cabasse’s most selective models, coaxial drivers are now an integral part of the new line of Jersey and Antigua MC170 speakers. Coaxial drivers guarantee uniform diffusion of sound, respect of original tones & dynamics, as well as a deep & stable soundstage.

Either in column (Jersey MC170 – 2 way coaxial driver associated with two 17cm woofers) or bookshelf (Antigua MC170 – 2 way coaxial driver associated with one 17cm woofer), the excellence that makes up Cabasse is now available to the largest number of audiophiles and music aficionados. Both speakers are available in ebony black, natural oak, glossy black or glossy white.

Demonstration in hall C-118, Atrium 3: Cabasse Listening Sessions

On top of the presentation of its latest speakers, Cabasse will also be organizing listening sessions in an auditorium at High End Munich which include:
– La Sphère TCA connected to Cabasse Stream Source
– The new 3-way coaxial Jersey MC170 connected to the Cabasse Stream AMP wireless amplifier
– iO2 and Santorin 30-500 in 7.1 (video of a concert)
The streaming Home Cinema systems Stream BASE and Stream BAR will be available for demonstration at Cabasse’s stand in the expo.