4th Generation – Eole 4

Eole 4, a New & Discrete 5.1 Home Cinema System for an Impressively Realistic Soundstage

Available June 2018

Cabasse, the French name for HiFi audio, is excited to announce the availability of the 4th generation of its EOLE 5.1 audio system. Loved by Home Cinema enthusiasts everywhere, this 4th version, available in black and in white, comes with a new subwoofer, new protective grills and a new base for optimal sound. This 4th generation delivers a full experience of #AcousticEmotions for your favorite films, series and sporting events!

The emblematic 5.1 EOLE kit stands out for its 5 round satellite speakers that englobe the acoustic qualities that represent Cabasse: efficiency, power, transparency and stable soundstage within each 13cm (in diameter) satellite built with coaxial drivers: a 29mm tweeter dome and a 10cm medium-boomer now accompanied by a brand new subwoofer – Lipari 21 – in its “Super Slim” format.

The new Lipari subwoofer was designed using the same logic as for the satellite speakers, which guarantees realistic and powerful sound reproduction in a discrete presentation. With particular focus on aesthetics (the Cabasse logo, Lissajous and chromium rings), this new 5.1 system is equipped with a 21cm woofer which offers peak power at 400W and a maximum of realistic and faithful sound for both music and home cinema.

Practical, lighter and thinner (15x39x39cm), the Lipari 21 subwoofer can be placed vertically against a wall or horizontally underneath furniture for even more discretion, and without altering sound.

As for technological improvements, a new grill has been fitted onto the satellites for a more refined look of their spherical shape. With an improved and more open profile than its predecessor, the grill brings even more transparency and a better high frequency response. As for the design, the apparent Cabasse logo and the two elegant chromium rings work with any interior decor.

Also brand new, each satellite comes with a new base which allows users to choose between 2 configurations during set up, which adds an additional purified & elegant shape to the satellites whether they be installed on walls or set on bookshelves.

The magnetic base makes it possible to position the satellites in all directions, making it possible to dispose speakers in an optimal configuration that harmonizes the aesthetics and the acoustics of any room, resulting in impressively realistic soundstage without intrusive material.

Availability: June 2018
EOLE 4 is available in black and in white finishes