Pack médias

Why does my PC need to have at least Windows XP SP2 to use the network function?

Because there is not a DLNA server available for former operating systems.

My Cabasse Stream does not play certain audio formats.

Stream does not play WMA lossless, and WMA pro. For any other format, update your DLNA media server or install more versatile software such as the DLNA server from AwoX:

The sound from the Stream WiFi input is jerky and distorted: what can I do?

The WiFi signal captured by Stream is too weak. Check the antenNAS of both Stream and the router are well connected and clear, with no disruption from large metallic surfaces nearby (radiator, mirror, etc..). The WiFi channel being used might be saturated by other routers around: try another transmission channel for the router (1, 6 or 11) with the help of a computer and the router’s manual. If the router does not provide “n” WiFi mode (the one with highest flow and widest coverage), bring it closer to the Stream 3, eventually get a new one or add a “WiFi n” transmitter to your network. Freeware like “InSSIDer” will help you analyze the WiFi connection and choose the best channel available.

I can’t get a bluetooth connection between Stream and my smartphone/tablet. What can I do?

A bluetooth item can be connected only with one other item at a time. If a bluetooth connection is still alive, go in the menu of the source and stop the connection. It is also possible to force the disconnection by switching off and on the Stream with the button on the back of the subwoofer.

I installed the Cabasse app but can’t open it. What should I check?

A Cabasse Stream player must be active and connected to the Ethernet/wi-fi network for the app to open. Check that the “POWER” LED of the Stream is green enlighted.

I can’t see the album covers of my music tracks on the Cabasse app. Why?

If the tracks have been duly created with associated images such as album covers, then DLNA server of the DLNA host (computer, NAS hard-disk) of the selected tracks does not consider the attached images. If possible, update the DLNA server or get a new software. The DLNA server included in Stream 1 and Stream Source to drive their USB input displays attached artwork.

Why is there no sound after unmuting Stream 1?

The selected input is likely not the active one. Press the ‘source selection” key of the Stream 1 pad or of the Stream remote control until the appropriate LED flashes. If necessary adjust the sound output level of the source (for bluetooth or analogue input) and then the one of Stream 1.

I can’t see on the app some of my music files. What should I do?

The device or its DLNA server does display the format(s) of the music file. Some DLNA servers also display certain types of files but don’t allow to play them. If updating the server does not solve the problem, replace the server by a better performing soft like for instance the Awocs DLNA server:

Can I replace my DLNA servers?

Yes regarding the computers from your network. Install for instance the Awox© DLNA server on a Windows PC ( and the Twonky Server ( on an iOs based computer.

My servers are no longer listed of the Cabasse app. What should I do?

First check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone/tablet. Then check that the computers and NAS hard-disks are dully connected to the wi-fi network and powered on, tyhat the DLNA server(s) of the computer(s) is (are) active. Then close and restart the app.

My DLNA server does not deal with some audio formats, what should I do?

Depending upon the software, you can either activate an option enabling the format to be accepted and/or use a transcoding function. In any case try to update the software. Next solution is the replacement by a more appropriate server like the Awox Media Server Last option is converting the file into a format played by the existing server.

The DLNA d’AWOX© can’t play some of my audio formats. What should I do?

Open the set-up menu of the AwoX software and activate the audio formats you need.

My Stream is not listed in the Cabasse app. What should I do?

Your Stream is not connected to your network (RJ45 or Wi-Fi connection) or is not Wi-Fi connected to the right network: connect all your sources (computers, NAS hard-disks), Stream, smartphone and/or tablet to the same router.

Which versions of smartphone sofwares support the Cabasse app?

Use IOS 4.3 and later, or Android 2.4 and later to run the Cabasse app.

I use Deezer on my smartphone / computer. How can I listen to Deezer files on my Stream?

Open the Stream app on your smartphone or a tablet, get to the “Music” page, select your Stream player, press on Deezer and enter your codes. You can now use deezer on your Stream device from all smartphones and tablets fited with the Stream Audio Control app.

Can I play on Stream 3 audio files stored in my connected Mac?

Yes, but sharing files requires the use of a DLNA server which is not included in the initial Mac softwares pack. Install a DLNA server such as Twonky Server ( Update your Mac OS if under Mac 10.6.

Can I play music from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) on my Stream device(s)?

Yes, Stream 1, Stream 3 and Stream Source together with the Cabasse Stream application is designed for audio DLNA streaming of files stored in NAS. If a NAS Hard Drive is not listed on the “music” tag of the Cabasse Stream application, check that its firmware is up to date, and then check that if it is dully DLNA certified thanks to this web site:


Which components and parameters are required to read audio files stored in my network?

You need to have in your network: 1) a modem, a router and a switch. These functions are included in most wireless routers proposed by broadband providers.2) for a Windows PC : XP SP2/W7/W8 configuration. 3) a DLNA server. Windows Media Player 11 is fitted with a server and is supplied with W7/8 and can be installed on Windows XP. Note that this server works only for WAV, MP3 and AVM files. We therefore recommend the purchase and use of servers like Awox Media Server or Twonky Server (http:\ or the installation of the freeware Universal Media Server see FAQ Nr 2.


Which audio format do you recommend when ripping CDs?

We recommend FLAC 16 bits 44 kHz.

How can I connect Stream unit to my Ethernet network?

2 solutions: a wired one and the Wi-Fi one. Go to pages 8 & 9 of the owners’ manual. If the WPS solution for Wi-Fi does not work or does not apply (no WPS button on the router) , if the LAN connection thanks to a cable with RJ45 terminals is not convenient, proceed to the manual set up with a connected computer or tablet . Get the security code of your router before starting the process, it is likely to be written on the back/bottom of the server. A new wifi set up process is now available and easier that the manual one. it is automatically proposed when the Cabasse Audio Control Application detects a Cabasse Stream Player which is not connected to the domestic network.

Is the firmware of Stream automatically updated?

Yes, the update of Stream runs automatically when the LAN/WLAN network is connected to internet. The number of the firmware version of the Stream is listed in the Cabasse app: settings/audio devices/Stream /version. CAUTION: the first firmware update once the Stream is connected to internet can last 15 minutes or more, and requires to get the Stream out of ECO mode before going further. Do not switch off or plug out the Stream unit during updates.

How can I play with the Cabasse Stream Audio control music tracks stored in my smartphone?

2 solutions are available. If you wish to have the tracks available through the DLNA – Wi-Fi network, install a DLNA server on the smartphone/tablet, such as BubbleUPnP. If not possible (no Wi-Fi network, not server available), go for the Wi-Fi Direct solution by selecting “Use this device in standalone mode” when loading the Cabasse app. With Stream 1 and Stream Source, this solution allows also to play the tracks from the Hard-Disk or the stick connected to their USB inputs. If not possible choose the Bluetooth connection.


The Stream 3 power mode is set on “Full Auto” and the bluetooth transmission of a piece of music does not unmute the Cabasse system. Is that normal?

Yes. When activating a source connected to the Wi-Fi/RJ45/RCA/S-PDIF inputs unmutes the Stream 3, only the connection to a new bluetooth source will do so. Use the Stream remote to unmute the Stream 3 when playing music from devices already paired with Stream 3.

Why is there no action when I press the “reverse scanning” and “forward scanning” keys of the Stream remote control?

These keys are active only for Wi-Fi sources (not available for bluetooth) and with a selection of DLNA servers like the one from AwoX©: