ABYSS : « A model bursting with power and energy »!

Discover Le Blog Son Video’s test about ABYSS, the new Cabasse wireless Hi-fi stereo amplifier.


« A model bursting with power and energy ».

« An excellent amplifier … with DSP profiles optimized for Cabasse loudspeakers … An excellent amplifier that is both lively and full of potential thanks to its extreme versatility ».

Read the test and find out why ABYSS is a « a highly innovative model ».


ABYSS, a connected stereo Hi-fi amplifier for total immersion in a high-resolution sound!

ABYSS is a Hi-fi amplifier that integrates the best Cabasse acoustic innovation technologies and the amplification technologies used in THE PEARL PELEGRINA, the brand’s connected flagship for customised sound. ABYSS allows you to listen to all your sources and music platforms in stereo and also integrates a TV socket, so you can experience every movie with incredible dynamics.

A complete amplifier to enhance all passive speakers 

And with DEAP* profile specially optimised for all bookshelf and floor-standing system such as Minorca Mc 40, Murano, Java MC40 and Murano Alto for optimum audio performance.

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