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    Registration is free but mandatory in order to benefit from the Cabasse 5 year warranty. The application must be completed within a 60 day period after the purchase date (cf. : conditions/extended warranty).

    Terms & Conditions of Cabasse Warranty Application

    Thank you for the confidence you have shown in us by choosing Cabasse. Our products are the fruit of long experimental and developmental research carried out in our laboratories, they meet strict technical and acoustic standards. Cabasse not only guarantees the correct mechanical operation of its loudspeakers, we make a commitment to their long term performance. This commitment implies the meticulous choice of materials, the exclusion of technical stopgaps and unstable components and the production in our own workshops of the most sensitive parts.The marketing of Cabasse products is ensured by a network of professionals, selected for their professional skills, having subscribed to the Cabasse distribution contract and the Cabasse warranty char¬ter, in the compliance with the rules of quality, services and transparency imposed by the manufacturer. These professionals are the only authorized dealers by Cabasse. In addition, Cabasse has a network of official Cabasse distributors, country by country. To find the official Cabasse distributor in your country, contact us.



    Cabasse products are covered by the legal manufacturer warranty according to each country. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects of the product other than the breakdowns resulting from mishandling or misuse of the product.



    In addition to the legal manufacturer warranty, the driver units of your Cabasse speaker benefit from an extended warranty after purchase date. This extended warranty is 5 years on the driver units and 2 years on the electronic components, it covers all manufacturing defects of the product other than the breakdowns resulting from mishandling or misuse of the product. To benefit from the Cabasse extended warranty, the registration card must be duly filled on line within 60 days after purchase: garantie-5ans/
    After this time, the extended guarantee will not be registered.




    1. The Cabasse extended warranty applies only if duly recorded by the official Cabasse distributor of the country of purchase and if the owner is able to present the Cabasse warranty registration card with the stamp of the Cabasse authorized dealer or a copy of this one with the copy of the original purchase invoice.
    2. The Cabasse extended warranty is limited to the repair of the driver units of the speaker. Neither transportation, nor any other costs, nor any risk for removal, transportation or installation of products are covered with the Cabasse extended warranty.
    3. The Cabasse extended warranty covers all ma¬nufacturing defects of the driver units of the speaker, except the following cases:
      – deteriorations resulting from in correct installation, connection or packing
      – deteriorations resulting from any use other than the correct use described in the user’smanual
      – deteriorations caused by faulty or unsuitable ancillary equipment
      – deteriorations resulting from: accidents, lightning, water, fire heat, war, public disturbances or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the official Cabasse distributors
      – deteriorations resulting from the intervention of an unauthorized person not entitled by Cabasse or its network
      – products whose Cabasse serial number has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible
      – products not coming from the network of Cabasse authorized dealer duly entitled to market Cabasse products 
    4. The Cabasse extended warranty cannot in any case give right to a recovery, a refunding or the payment of damages.



    The Cabasse authorized dealers’ network is at your disposal to ensure the after sale service of your material. Only the Cabasse authorized dealer is capable to note a breakdown on a product. To know the list of the Ca¬basse authorized dealers or the official Cabasse distributors, contact us. The Cabasse authorized dealeris committed to inform his customer of the terms and conditions of Cabasse extended warranty application, to ensure the after sale service of the Cabasse material which would be entrusted to him, and to carry out a simple diagnosis of the defective material. Following this diagnosis, he will establish an estimate of repair, according to the application of the Cabasse extended warranty, provided that the Cabasse extended warranty was indeed recorded by the official Cabasse distributor of the country of purchase. It is clearly understood that some technical interventions require total and irreversible de¬mounting material to establish the diagnosis of the breakdown, and that these deteriorations will not give place to a recovery, a refunding or the payment of damages.The goods always travel to the risks of the owner.