Become a Retailer

Cabasse started its Preferred Business Network in 2016, with privileged members who share the same values, to install dedicated spaces for our products that proudly bare the Lissajous logo.


We adapt to the size of your shop and to your type of clientele: one or several mural displays measuring from 1.25 – 3 meters wide, or full installation of an auditorium.

conception 3d

3D models of each space by the Cabasse Design Team. Installation of visuals and displays by Cabasse

Daily Commercial & Marketing Support

Personalized accompaniment from a Cabasse sales team member

Privileged Promotional Offers to develop sales

Marketing & Communication material

Presence in national and international press through Corporate, Product & Digital Communications

Visuals, text and other material available to update websites and social media


All our preferred business partners participate in a several step program that offers professional accompaniment geared towards success.
Personalized training is provided by a Cabasse expert before opening to inform about products, to discuss about sales processes and to answer questions.
Group training sessions are organized for sales simulations and how to attain sales objectives.
Cabasse training sessions provide materiel in the form of technical guides that contain key information about each of our products.