Cabasse won a new award!


We are pleased to announce that MURANO ALTO has been awarded a “Choc de Classica Hifi” following Classica’s comparative test on 6 Hi-res passive column loudspeakers !

At the end of its thorough test, Classica highlighted the transcription of musical expressivity through the Mosaïque Quartet and classical artists such as violinist Lina Tur Bonet and singer Susan Graham, whose voice is “free of all constraints”.
“The Muranos transport us into a more peaceful universe… The general airiness and coherence of the midrange and treble registers is striking and contributes to a fluid reproduction, free from parasitic tensions. We appreciate the credible, coherent transcription of acoustics, which makes it much easier to understand the musical message. Careful phasing, transparency without coldness, a wide sound spectrum and the ability to transcribe the expressiveness of the musical message: these loudspeakers also consume very little power, and will pair with many quality amplifiers”.

Stream your music on your speakers with ABYSS, the complete Hi-fi stereo amplifier amplifier that enhance all passive speakers.

And with DEAP* profile specially optimised for all bookshelf and floor-standing system such as Minorca Mc 40, Murano, Java MC40 and Murano Alto for optimum audio performance.

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