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Cookies are defined as small blocks of information exchanged between the server of a website and a computer, a mobile or a tablet of an internet user.

This web site uses cookies to improve user experience during navigation. They are necessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the website.

By using or accessing Cabasse websites, you consent to Cabasse using cookies as detailed below:


Cookie Description
Cookie Footer In the footer of each page of this website, there is a message informing users of the site’s Confidentiality Policy and Cookie Policy. If you have already seen this message, it is probable that you will not see it again. A cookie is used to save this option. All of this data is anonymous.
Google Analytics To understand how users navigate our website and in order to detect errors, we use Google Analytics. Several websites use this kind of service. The data collected this way allows us to know, for example, how many users visit our website, from which country, what pages were visited, the speed at which our website is performing, etc… All the data collected is anonymous, and does not allow to identify users.
WordPress WordPress is the Content Management System used by this website. WordPress saves a cookie with a user is connected. This cookie is necessary in order for the site to function. This cookie is only added for uses who log in, which is not the case for the majority of users. The data associated to each user is anonymous.


Cabasse is committed to protecting personal data and does not save personal information – such as address, date of birth, telephone number or any other personal data – to your cookies.


Cabasse does not provide personal information to advertisers or third party websites that advertise based on user interests.