100% potential. All the time.


Controlled bass dynamics via patented multi-band dynamic signal processing with feedback loops to constantly use all available amplifier power.

Ultra-precise percussion reproduction.


High Excursion Low Distorsion

The motor has a perfectly symetrical design (double winding / double air gap) underhung type => Perfectly linear excursion for the HELD17 of The Pearl Akoya of +/-10mm, Low and symetrical Inductance Variation, excellent power handling.

The mobile equipment allows the coil to pass through the engine and allows the rear suspension to be offset as far as possible from the front suspension for optimum guidance.

Dinstinguish each member of an orchestral ensemble.


Present in The PEARL & The PEARL AKOYA, the shape of the medium driver has been optimised for improved sound diffusion and as an optimal waveguide for the tweeter to improve diffusion and directivity.

Its extra-flat design provides an excellent compactness/performance ratio. The high efficiency tweeter with low emissive surface area allows for improved extreme high frequency response.

Cabasse adapts to your needs and desires.

Dynamic Fidelity Enhancer

Cabasse’s algorithms maximise power sent to each speaker in real time, taking into account the listening level, spectral content and dynamics of the music. Thanks to Cabasse’s 30 years of acoustic R&D in signal processing, you benefit from a homogeneous 360° directivity and a faithful sound reproduction!

A variety of settings, according to your tastes and preferences.


The Tone Balance User Preference (TBUP) allows you to adjust the audio spectrum according to your preferences. These settings allow you to slightly alter the spectral balance to better adapt to listening conditions (listening distance, reverberation time, room volume, user preferences).

optimised performance whatever your product


Cabasse’s DEAP technology consists of a series of acoustic profiles applied by the DSP integrated in the digital audio signal by your amplified player. Cabasse has developed all the profiles adapted to its loudspeakers in order to optimise and adapt the sound according to the location of the speakers in your listening room.

A sound engineer and customised acoustic calibration. In your home.


Like in the most sophisticated systems such as La Sphère, THE PEARL COLLECTION has a patented automatic room correction system with an integrated microphone for optimal acoustics whatever the listening environment.

An integrated measuring microphone allows for very rapid automatic acoustic optimisation, with the use of highly accurate digital parametric filters. This algorithm also identifies “hollow” spectral bands, which are then compensated and the bass level is adjusted according to the placement of the loudspeaker.

a precise and crystal-clear sound. Without interference.

Bi-coaxial, Tri-Coaxial or Quad-Coaxial arrangement

Placing the loudspeakers on the same axis to form a portion of a pulsating sphere, without adding any defects due to the lack of coherence between direct and reflected sound, is the incredible wager that the Cabasse team succeeded in 1992 with the TC21 tri-axial loudspeaker. Cabasse engineers were thus able to design a whole range of coaxial satellite speakers. This unique coaxial technique is the optimum solution for meeting the criteria of source coincidence.

High-performance wireless stereo. 100 faster than the blink of an eye.

Wireless STEREO

The integrated product software is developed in the South of France in Montpellier. It allows wireless stereo without the need for a connection device. You can use up to 8 wireless devices on the same network.

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