Cabasse has announced the compatibility of the entire PEARL collection with AirPlay for the pleasure of its Apple users. The latest additions to the widest range of high-end connected speakers on the market, THE PEARL KESHI (a 2.1 system) and THE PEARL PELEGRINA (a Masterpiece marking the 70th anniversary of Cabasse) are also compatible with AirPlay. The update further reinforces the unique positioning and the technological advances of Cabasse Group (ex AwoX) in terms of convergence between different platforms, WiFi protocols and high-resolution connected audio.

Backwards compatibility for Cabasse’s connected systems!

This automatic software update, effective as of 6th December 2021, has been deployed on all speakers from THE PEARL COLLECTION, a complete range of 9 high-end systems connected to the Internet and used worldwide: THE PEARL, THE PEARL AKOYA, THE PEARL SUB, THE PEARL PELEGRINA and THE PEARL KESHI. Users can now visualize their speakers in the AirPlay interfaces of their Apple products. As a minimum iOS 13.4 (or later) is required for use with iPhones.

Cabasse offers owners of THE PEARL system currently in use AirPlay 2 connectivity without having to change their systems! Following the desire of the brand to offer software updates to its older connected products, all models from the Cabasse streaming (WiFi) range (STREAM 1, STREAM SOURCE, STREAM AMP, STREAM BAR, STREAM BASE and STREAM 3) now also support AirPlay as long as the speaker is paired (via the StreamCONTROL application) with a recent speaker from THE PEARL COLLECTION.

Customers therefore possessing an older Cabasse connected WiFi system (STREAM) and a speaker from THE PEARL COLLECTION will also be able to group their two speakers together via the StreamCONTROL application to use AirPlay with both speakers simultaneously.


Streaming audio files with Apple AirPlay from an iPhone or iPad to a Cabasse product is simple. Go to the Control Center of your device and tap on the AirPlay icon. Users can also stream audio from a Mac to Cabasse speakers (go to your settings in System Preferences/Sound, then select AirPlay) and play audio streams from iOS applications such as Apple Music.

It’s possible to select one or more Cabasse products to stream the same audio to all speakers using AirPlay technology.

If two Cabasse speakers are used in stereo in the same room, grouping them together in the Cabasse StreamCONTROL application, rather than using the AirPlay multiroom feature is recommended to enjoy stereo listening.

Cabasse supports audio streaming with AirPlay 2 from devices listed in this article: Apple AirPlay system requirements

About Cabasse Group and Cabasse

Cabasse, a French company founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, has always been committed in its quest for perfect sound and music reproduction without any alteration, coloration, or distortion. Driven by research and the desire to constantly innovate, Cabasse invented and developed coaxial loudspeaker technology. This technology makes it possible to house several loudspeakers in a small space, to offer music lovers and enthusiasts the essence and thrill of pure sound. Cabasse was acquired by Cabasse Group in 2014 (formerly AwoX Group) a pure player of connected technologies and objects dedicated to the Smart Home, a pioneer in DLNA/UPnP and an expert in streaming technology. The company has developed a complete range of high-resolution streaming products combining the best streaming software technologies with ultimate acoustics to become a leader in the dynamic high-end audio streaming market.

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