Cabasse, the long established leader in the hi-fi acoustics market has announced the release of a new version of the Santorin 25 subwoofer, the perfect companion in home cinema setups to accompany the brand’s range of satellite, bookshelf and floorstanding speakers.

The new subwoofer is in harmony with Cabasse’s new EOLE 4 and iO3 speakers, redesigned with a matt finish and released in 2020. The new Santorin 25 subwoofer features two brushed aluminium rings that encircle
a cabinet coated with premium matt black or matt white paint.

A subwoofer that brings power and depth to your films!

Santorin 25 is a powerful and compact subwoofer that easy integrates into any interior. It is the ideal subwoofer to complete an iO3 system (for example) and is suitable for rooms of up to 50m2 for home cinema needs

The vertical 360° down-firing subwoofer offers round and punchy bass, full of nuance and depth. Its design enables a discreet placement near walls and furniture without any acoustic compromise.

Available in both a matt black and matt white finish, it is a discreet and elegant subwoofer for all multi-channel systems and one that delivers with its acoustic performance. The cellulose fibre membrane
of the 25S20 woofer guarantees high power handling without distortion despite high sound pressure levels. Its light weight and good damping characteristics allow for a generous and speedy bass.

Combined with the 400W peak of the TS190 D amplifier, the dynamic effects of the Santorin 25 subwoofer are strikingly realistic for both music and home cinema use.

Technical characteristics:

– Use: Floorstanding subwoofer
– Ways: 1
– Drivers: 25cm 25S20
– Frequency response: 30 à 160 Hz
– Low pass frequency : 40 – 180 Hz
– Maximum sound pressure: 111 db RMS
– Line input: 1 RCA
– Nominal power: 200 W
– Peak power: 400 W
– Dimensions (height x length x depth): 42 x 36 x 38 cm
– Weight: 17 kg
– Finish: Matt white/matt black

Suggested Price : 950€ RRP

– 5.1 Pack : 5 x on base iO3 + Santorin 25: 3945 € RRP
– 5.1 Pack: 2 x floorstanding iO3 + 3 x on base iO3 + Santorin 25: 4713 € RRP
– 7.1 Pack: 7 x on base iO3 + Santorin 25: 5143 € RRP
– Available in April 2021

Download the full press release for Santorin 25