Test Cabasse Rialto : The best connected speakers of 2023 !

Find out more about RIALTO, the first Cabasse wireless Hi-fi system in a bookshelf format through this test realised by Masculin.com


« Speakers as beautiful as they are effective… and with a little touch of sensuality…  »

« A few seconds are enough to realize this, and even an untrained ear will not be able to hold back its astonishment for very long with a “wow” or “oh yes”.  Let’s say to simplify that a feeling of accuracy, detail and depth fills the room, without pushing the volume »

«… Cabasse demonstrates once again all its know-how and its mastery acquired during its 70 years of existence ».


Read the full test (french) and discover why RIALTO « plays in the higher category ».


RIALTO, the first Cabasse wireless HI-fi system in a bookshelf format.


Inspired by the most famous and oldest bridge in Venice, this new audio system named RIALTO symbolises the junction between traditional Hi-Fi and the connected technologies developed over the last 10 years by Cabasse. It embeds the best acoustic and software technologies and is composed of two connected active speakers, in a compact bookshelf format, with soft and rounded lines reminiscent of the Murano.

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