Test Cabasse Rialto : 18/20 for « an exceptional sound quality » !

Discover Planet Sans fil review about Rialto, Cabasse’s first connected bookshelf speakers with « an exceptionnal sound quality ».

« These Cabasse Rialto speakers are truly versatile, offering exceptional sound quality in a small format with a lovely design. All the connectivity is right there »

« The presence of a screen on the right speaker is useful for selecting the source, displaying the control settings and the track being played… More detailed adjustments can be made using Cabasse StreamCONTROL application »

RIALTO, the first Cabasse wireless Hi-fi system in a bookshelf format.

Inspired by the most famous and oldest bridge in Venice, this new audio system named RIALTO symbolises the junction between traditional Hi-Fi and the connected technologies developed over the last 10 years by Cabasse. It embeds the best acoustic and software technologies and is composed of two connected active speakers, in a compact bookshelf format, with soft and rounded lines reminiscent of the Murano.

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