Upscale Audio review ABYSS, Cabasse wireless Hi-fi stereo amplifier

Discover Upscale Audio‘s review about ABYSS, Cabasse’s wireless Hi-fi stereo amplifier.


« ABYSS is a an amazing class D amplifier. That’s one of the best I’ve heard ! I want you to know that you can get something wich is amazing at this range of price and it has got electronics inside of it that you are not going to see anywhere else ».

« You also do have some pre-programmed Digital Signal processing, DEAP (Digital Enhancement of Acoustical Performances), which is absolutely phenomenal if you pair this up with some Cabasse passive speakers. It changes the audio entirely ! I’ve paired it up with a pair of Jersey and it is a night and day difference ».

« ABYSS has also pre-programmed DSP modes for the Cabasse passive speakers so the speaker is being pushed to go really beyond where it would normally be able to go if you had any other amplifier and it is unbelievable ».

ABYSS, a connected stereo Hi-fi amplifier for total immersion in a high-resolution sound!

ABYSS is a Hi-fi amplifier that integrates the best Cabasse acoustic innovation technologies and the amplification technologies used in THE PEARL PELEGRINA, the brand’s connected flagship for customised sound. ABYSS allows you to listen to all your sources and music platforms in stereo and also integrates a TV socket, so you can experience every movie with incredible dynamics.

A complete amplifier to enhance all passive speakers 

And with DEAP* profile specially optimised for all bookshelf and floor-standing system such as Minorca Mc 40, Murano, Java MC40 and Murano Alto for optimum audio performance.

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